We will be playing the Soid Sound festival in Uddevalla this summer. Uddevalla is the town I grew up in and it’s also the town where we did our live debut. Looking forward returning there!

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No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

29 Aug 2015 Öland, SE Irisfestivalen Irisfestivalen
13 Jun 2015 Uddevalla, SE Solid Sound Festival Solid Sound Festival
07 Mar 2015 Hamburg, DE HELL OVER HAMMABURG / Markthalle HELL OVER HAMMABURG / Markthalle
19 Feb 2015 Stockholm, SE Stampen Stampen
30 Nov 2014 Berlin, DE Comet Comet
28 Nov 2014 München, DE Backstage Halle Backstage Halle
27 Nov 2014 Frankfurt, DE Zoom Zoom
26 Nov 2014 Köln, DE MTC MTC
25 Nov 2014 Hamburg, DE Rock Cafe St. Pauli Rock Cafe St. Pauli
10 Oct 2014 Sandnes, NO Tribute Tribute
09 Oct 2014 Bergen, NO Garage Garage
08 Oct 2014 Oslo, NO Pokalen Pokalen
30 Aug 2014 Knisslinge, SE Helge å Festivalen Helge å Festivalen
23 Aug 2014 Finnspång, SE Sommarrocken Sommarrocken
09 Aug 2014 Gävle, SE Getaway Rock Festival Getaway Rock Festival
05 Jul 2014 Laxå, SE CBGB'S Summer fiesta CBGB'S Summer fiesta
03 May 2014 Mariehamn, Åland Dinos Bar & Grill Dinos Bar & Grill
30 Apr 2014 Östersund, SE Storsjöteatern Storsjöteatern
23 Apr 2014 Stockholm, SE Göta Källare Göta Källare
04 Apr 2014 Gothenburg , SE Pustervik Pustervik
29 Jan 2014 Stockholm, SE Kafé 44 Kafé 44
18 Jan 2014 Gothenburg, SE Henriksberg Henriksberg
17 Jan 2014 Uddevalla, SE Kulturhuset Bastionen Kulturhuset Bastionen



4 Robert Pehrssons Humbucker - Credit Kristian Ekeblom 6 Robert Pehrssons Humbucker - Credit Kristian Ekeblom 5 Robert Pehrssons Humbucker - Credit Kristian Ekeblom 3 Robert Pehrssons Humbucker - Credit Kristian Ekeblom 2 Robert Pehrssons Humbucker - Credit Kristian Ekeblom 1 Robert Pehrssons Humbucker - Credit Kristian Ekeblom

Press kit (bio in English)
Press kit (bio in Swedish)

During his 20 years in the music business, Robert Pehrsson has worked with bands such as Runemagick, Thunder Express, Death Breath, Dundertåget, Imperial State Electric, Slingblade, Nerconaut and The Dagger.

In 2013 he made his solo debut with Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker. The self titled album received universal acclaim and was named record of the month by German magazine Rock Hard. The Swedish newspaper Expressen listed the album as one of the best in 2013. After touring Scandinavia and Germany work began writing and recording the follow up titled ”Long Way To The Light”. The album is set to be released November 4th, 2016 on High Roller Records.

”Long Way To The Light” was mixed by Nicke Andersson at his studio The Honk Palace in Stockholm during the spring of 2016. The album is produced by Robert Pehrsson.

Contributing musicians on the record include friends Joseph Tholl (Enforcer / Black Trip), Nicke Andersson (Imperial State Electric / The Hellacopters), Jens Lagergren, Johan Bäckman (Necrocurse / Heavydeath), Jakob Ljungberg (Tribulation), Tobias Egge (Imperial State Electric), Robert Eriksson (Lars Winnerbäck / The Hellacopters), Johannes Borgström (Spirits) & Jonas Wikstrand (Enforcer)

So, what’s the result when these well-renowned musicians work together?

– Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker is a mix of rock, hard rock och pop. I guess classic rock is an okay description. And I like all the old bands in that genre, says Robert Pehrsson.

Live, Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker is:
Drums: Jakob Ljungberg (Tribulation & Kilroy)
Guitar and vocals Joseph Tholl (Enforcer, Black Trip)
Bass: Jens Lagergren (Hello Saferide, Dundertåget, I Are Droid)

Rock Hard “ALBUM OF THE MONTH” (9.5/10)

A soloalbum that will give fans of archetypal Swedish high-energy rock tears of joy.

Robert Pehrsson has become leading member of Swedish ‚Team Rock’n’Roll.

Sweden Rock Magazine 8/10 

The way to pick up influences, assemble them down to details which are then put together into something of their own and timeless is ingenious and deeply impressive.

GUITAR (4/5)
Referring pretty much to the 1970s, with a distinctive affection forThin-Lizzy and a nearly shameless sense for hooklines the not all that old Swede serves a Classic Rock dinner that puts a smile on every fan of the good old Hellacopters style. A true revelation!!

Legacy 14/15

It’s not overstated to say that Pehrsson’s solo album is probably the best Scandinavian classic rock album since 10 years.


Vintage sound, thick, authentic drums, rolling bass, fantastic solos and very good vocals accompanied by a skilled hand in arranging brings out an album that is more than just good.

Spiegel 8.5/10
His vocals convey pure passion, and his guitar playing is one of the most impressive one has savored in recent years.

musikreviews.de 11/15
Pehrsson proves here that he is a really good guitar player with a lot of feeling in the fingers and in addition also can write great songs. Oh yes, he can sing also, with a powerful and melodic voice.

Acces: Rock (8/10)
These are no beginners who have recorded this, but a collection of seasoned musicians who know what arranging is and what gives an effect in the listener’s soul.


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