SHADOW PLAY (R. Gallagher)

It’s been quiet here for a while. I’ve been busy upgrading ”Studio Humbucker” and writing songs for the third album. We recorded a version of Rory Gallagher’s ”Shadow Play” a few years ago, it was released on a limited 7″ through High Roller Records. Here’s a brand new version of it, recorded at ”Studio Humbucker”. If everything worked out right you should be able to download it from Soundcloud if you want to get the file. I think there’s a limit of 100 downloads. If that limit is reached, I will make it available somewhere else and post a link here.

Feel free to share it and happy holidays!
// Robert

SHADOW PLAY (R. Gallagher)
Robert Pehrsson: Vocals, guitars, mellotron, bass piano & percussion
Jakob Ljungberg: Drums
Oscar Ulfheden: Bass guitar
Joseph Tholl: Vocals

PRODUCED by Robert Pehrsson
RECORDED at Studio Humbucker
ENGINEERED by Robert Pehrsson
MIXED by Robert Pehrsson

Upcoming shows

Couple of more shows before summers over.
AUG 11 Örebro Kulturhuset (SE)
AUG 12 Skövde Club Beardmen (SE)
SEP 15 Storm Crusher Festival (DE)

Upcoming shows

JUL 6 Peace & Love (SE)
JUL 8 Rockfesten i Kungsträdgården (SE)
Aug 11 Örebro Kulturhuset (SE)
Aug 12 Skövde Club Beardmen (SE)
SEP 15 Storm Crusher Festival (DE)